Professional Reference Books for HR and Admin Manager
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As managers, we are expected to keep ourselves up-to-date on current laws, rules and procedures affecting our duties and responsibilities. Based on this belief, the author conceptualized the need to have six reference books to assist HR and Admin Managers as set out below. All the books have their own aims, and these are highlighted below.

(1) 2021 Handbook for Employers and Employees in the Private Sector, Malaysia

Revised 33rd Edition
This book is revised and updated every year and is published yearly to keep managers updated on the various laws affecting HR and administration. The 2021 HANDBOOK takes into account the Minimum Wages Order, the Minimum Retirement Age Act, the Employment (Amendment) Act, Sales and Services Tax, etc. [more info]

(2) Handbook of Calculations & Applications according to Employment Laws

Revised 4th Edition
Having an up-to-date knowledge of the laws is not enough. It is necessary to know how the laws are applied and how some of the calculations based on those laws are made and how the laws are interpreted and applied. This book was specially written for HR and Admin Managers to cover those matters.[more info]

(3) Handbook of Forms & Letters for the Human Resources & Administration Managers

Revised 5th Edition
After knowing how to apply and calculate based on the up-to-date laws, the next stage is how to communicate to the relevant persons: whether to an employee, manager, or an organisation. This book shows how it is done and also explains why it is done that way. [more info]

(4) How to Produce, Introduce and Enforce an Employee Handbook in your Company

Revised 4th Edition
The first 3 books mentioned above help you to know the latest laws, how to apply them and how to communicate. You know the rules, but your employees must also know the rules to follow, so that you can enforce the rules on them. If they do not comply, then you can take disciplinary action on them for noncompliance. This book shows you how to produce and introduce an employee handbook in your organisation and how to enforce it. [more info]

(5) Handbook of Points to Remember on Employment Laws

Revised 2nd Edition
This book was written to keep managers refreshed on the various points of the Employment Laws. It can be used during those odd moments of 2 or 3 minutes because each topic is covered within a page. [more info]

(6) A Quick Guide to the Companies Act 2016 for the Busy Managers

The aim of this book is to provide managers in the private sector with an overall working knowlegde of the Companies Act 2016 which came into force on 31 January 2017. [more info]
From the above you can see that all the 6 books are interconnected and interdependent in regard to human resources management and administration of companies in Malaysia. They are all based on Malaysian laws.


This was specially written for parents/teachers/fresh graduates/students. This handbook gives the reader a guide to starting-off their career in the private sector in Malaysia.