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First published in June 2007. Reprinted 3 times. This is the Revised 4th edition.

This book contains the various calculations and decisions you have to make, within what is allowed by law in Malaysia, when carrying out the function of Human Resource Manager and/or Administration Manager.

  • The book does not waste your time with too much details - it is precise but comprehensive.
  • It tells you, exactly what to do, when faced with a practical problem on the subject of human resource.
  • Explained with real-life examples of problems met with in the HR Department and how to decide.
  • Covers the practical side of HR management which cannot be avoided - calculations. These are explained
  • It is also aimed that: you need to spend only a few minutes to understand the topics - your time is precious.
  • The calculations are explained in a step-by-step fashion that you should have no difficulty following them.
  • Throughout the book, the relevant sections of the laws are quoted and explained for your information.
  • And many other calculations: Executives staff overtime, Compassionate leaves, Turnover statistics, VSS; Determining lay-off period; Absenteeism rate; Rest days, Sick leaves; Wages, Notice period; Demotion; Promotion; Probation; Bonus; Transfer of employee;Minimum Retirement Age; Minimum Wages Order; etc.,etc.,etc.

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