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First edition published in 2004, reprinted 13 times. This is the Revised 5th edition.

Provides the practical aspect of HR management and of administration based on Malaysian laws and practice. It is written in an easy-to-read style with emphasis on practical examples.

The Handbook saves time. It shows you specimen forms and letters, based on which you can draft your own forms and letters to suite your requirements.

Every form and letter in the Handbook has accompanying notes to help you. Where applicable, these notes also include explanations on the requirements of the relevant laws.

How to start a letter, a form or checklist. How to write letters regarding appointment, extension of probationary period, warnings, terminations, testimonials, promotions, increments, and many more. How to prepare the letters relating to VSS or retrenchment. If an employee has been absent, what is the next step and what letters to write. About sending a show cause letter, how it is done. How about a proforma invoice, requisition, purchase order, and other forms? If you are advertising a vacancy in the newspaper, what to look out for. There are checklists to warn you: what not to forget.

Domestic Inquiry - Appointment of panel members; Chairman; Why domestic; Investigation officer; Show cause letter; Charge sheet; How DI is done; How minutes of DI is written; Points to observe in DI; Report to management on DI; Employee absent from DI; Seating arrangement for DI; and many more.

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